Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of wiki pages can be created

We think anything that should be considered part of history.  Companies, sports, hobbies, people, etc.

If you are trying to promote your brand or company in a way that does not relate to a historical event, then it may be deleted.  Please use your best judgment.

In time, a voting system will be used to allow users the ability to vote or flag content as offensive, relative, okay, or whatever.  We'll keep you posted.

Q: How is this different than Wikipedia?

The Big Wiki has a WYSIWYG editor, so there's no need to learn a complicated syntax to work on a page.  As you can see from the screenshot, there is also the ability to tag the page such that a user could see all wiki pages that are related. In this example, T.V. and UFC tags are being used.

WYSIWYG for Editing a Wiki Page
Note the ability to easily add a table, footnote, or style your text.

Q: Why another Wiki?

We believe that anything can be made better and building this Wiki is an attempt to do that.  Stay tuned, as we plan on implementing many more features.  Submit a feature request using our Contact form.

Q: What features do I get if I contribute?

If you contribute $5 to The Big Wiki, you will receive:

  1. basic free account features (of course!)
  2. ability to edit ANY Wiki content, not just the pages you create.
  3. no advertisements (once you are logged in).
  4. post comments to any Wiki page without requiring approval.


Q: What does a free account get you?
  1. create new wiki pages
  2. edit the wiki pages you created
  3. use of a built-in WYSIWYG editor
  4. post/edit your own comments
  5. use the advanced search feature